Each child is unique,

& so is their path to literacy.

Chirp explores how we communicate, develop, teach & learn because these factors help inform literacy choices. More specifically, we’ll help you know how to choose & implement holistic growth strategies in your context.

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Four Lenses To Begin The Conversation

Sparrows, Sparrows Family, Birds, Chats

Developing Early Literacy Partnerships


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Dear Early Literacy Partners,

Early literacy development begins with noticing small moments of opportunity in your everyday interactions.

 Literacy development is holistic, affected by every aspect of language as well as factors such as nutrition, exercise & social-emotional support. In other words, literacy in the 21st century is not what it was when Laura Ingalls or Anne Shirley were girls… and these changes make it increasingly complex to define literacy.

As in education, the standards continue to grow, the technology continues to develop, and the gap continues to widen. This complexity affects not only the US, but the world; not only children, but adults.

The pursuit of literacy is inherently connected to language & learning.

So when we think about how to tap into early learning potential, develop language skills & inspire children to become lifelong lovers of literacy, there are universal & unique elements. We must consider both, as well as adult & child communication patterns, learning styles & personality. We must then instill what we know, sharing little by little

So whether your  questions  are about marketing, the classroom, or helping your preschooler learn their letters, we have information that will help you know how to promote early literacy in your context.


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