Mission: To Help You Promote Healthy Development In Your Context

Vision: We all dream of a better world, though I suspect it looks different for each of us. I dream of a world where every child has a safe & loving home and family. A place where basic needs are met, hearts are listened to & fully accepted, unique potential is seen & growth is inevitable.


Who Am I: I’m a daughter, sister, friend, wife, teacher, writer, recently licensed foster mom & an early literacy advocate. I believe all children (& people b/c children are little people) deserve a safe & loving home, family & community.


Your Role:

Community is the part where you come in… maybe it starts with your home, your family or maybe you are ready to do more. One author* wrote:

“Not everyone’s role will be the same, but everyone can do something. What’s your something?”

There are many ways to help promote healthy development. Here are 2 questions to help you consider your particular role…

  1. What do you already know about development? Child development in particular, as well as your own personal development. There are no right answers here, just notice.
  2. How can you use what you know to promote healthy development in the children (& people) around you?  Today, just ask the question…



The Role of Early Literacy:

Early literacy is just one way to promote healthy development & it happens to be my favorite. While it is secondary in importance to basic needs being met, such as food & shelter, I see literacy as a baseline indicating these conditions are in place so the fun & joy of learning can begin. I’m not the only one who sees literacy as a synonym of learning & a symbol of freedom.


Read What is Early Literacy?

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) views literacy for all as synonymous with education as a right, education that often leads to healthier communities. They also define literacy “as a means of identification, understanding, interpretation, creation, and communication in an increasingly digital, text-mediated, information-rich and fast-changing world.”  UNESCO, along with others like the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) are working to advocate for literacy & learning, particularly in the context of early childhood.

Check out this article from NAEYC about Laundromat Literacy & Book Deserts



Chirp & You:

The pursuit of literacy, especially early literacy is both challenging & possible. The challenge – in short – is there are SO many options! How do you choose?! Read more about The Challenge of Early Literacy

The purpose of Chirp is to help you find the information & resources you need to support early care, education & literacy in your context. I simply want to share what I know & am learning as a means of encouragement & equipping.

If I’ve learned anything as an educator, it’s that you can’t separate practice from theory. Both will impact the other. So after lots of practice, I’m taking the time to unpack the theories (conscious & otherwise) that have led me here, to evaluate them & to continue to grow. I’m inviting you into the journey.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a caring community member, you will find opportunity to consider your perspective on topics related to healthy development. These topics fit broadly into 4 categories, “pieces” of the early literacy puzzle. They are: communication, development, education & literacy itself. Read more about  Chirp’s Early Literacy Perspective

Chirp is both an evergreen & evolving site, so if you find something particularly helpful or have a specific question, head on over to Chirp’s facebook page & leave us your comment/question there!

In the meantime, happy reading!


*Jason Johnson is the author mentioned above. He has written several books & a blog geared toward supporting families & churches in their foster & adoptive journeys.