Pursuing Early Literacy: Today’s Challenge

Pursuing literacy is not the only strategy for encouraging holistic developmental growth, but it is one of the most popular. Because literacy is connected to both language & learning, our perspective on each of these will impact our view of literacy.

We know more about literacy than we have ever known! We know early literacy is important as it prepares children for later learning & literacy. We also know each child learns in their own way & at their own pace. We are aware of the variety of great resources available.

Books, Woman, Girl, Study, Learn, StressIn fact, the sheer number of resources is where we often get stuck!

With so many books & activities available today,

How do you begin to sort through the early literacy strategies that are most helpful for your context? 


If you’ve ever felt pressure to do more…


read more…


or been faced with the challenge of which option is best for you


We’re here to help!


Pursuing Early Literacy: How We Can Help

There are two ways we can help.

First, be encouraged. Considering the options means you care. You want to choose what is best for your situation. If you’ve ever thought about any of the topics on this site, you are already doing more than you think. Sometimes we make it more complicated than we need to. There really is value in ordinary, daily conversation & interaction. So, we will share stories about ways people are pursuing early literacy without even knowing it.

Second, we want to make it easier for you to know how to identify & seize developmental strategies that promote early literacy in your context. Sometimes we miss moments because we are overwhelmed by opportunities. Choices don’t have to be paralyzing, but that doesn’t mean sorting through them is easy. So, we sort through the options for you, providing free information & summarizing the choices for unique contexts.


Offering Clarity for Early Literacy Development

The Road, Beams, Path, Forest, Nature

Our goals are to foster understanding of…

  • child development 
  • communication patterns
  • learning styles &
  • literacy


so you can be encouraged &

so you can more easily identify early learning opportunities

& strategies that will work best for you!


P.S. We’d love to hear your early literacy questions.

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